the motor car man

The little motor car stopped nearly three quarters of the way across a one lane bridge. It stopped because the semi-truck stopped less than a quarter of the way on the one lane bridge.

The guy in the motor car leaned out his window. “Uh, can you back up, I’m late for work and I need...”

The semi-truck blared it’s horn. “I got two hundred and thirty three chickens in the back.”

“Yes, but I’m late for work and my boss..”

The semi-truck blared its horn again. “I’m on a deadline.”

“Look, I’ve got a meeting with a client and if I don’t...”

The semi-truck blared his horn again.

The motorcar honked his little horn. “Look here if you don’t move I’ll...”

“Ha ha ha ha.” The semi-truck guy laughed as he stepped down and out of his truck and began to light a cigarette.

“Wuh?” the motor-car man said as he unbuckled and opened his door. “Excuse me...” he said as he walked up to the guy. “Excuse me, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m waiting til’ you move; taking a break.”

“Yes, but I’ve got twenty-five thousand dollars of business to settle this morning and if I’m late to my meeting with Johnson & Parker I’ll miss my chance...”

The semi-truck guy blew smoke in the motor-car man’s face. “Sorry I’m on break now and I don’t drive while I’m on break.”

“I’m sorry I don’t think you heard me. I’M LATE!” He said that last part with particular emphasis. “And if you don’t move that blasted truck this instance I’ll...”

The semi-truck man began rolling back his sleeves revealing several tattoos "And I don’t think you heard me, I’m on BREAK!” he said.

The motor-car man turned around and began walking toward his car “Idiot!” he said to himself. “Well, then I’ll move it myself,” he said turning around and walking for the truck door.

“Hey, what the...”

“Let go of my arm!”

“Get off my truck.”

“No,” he said trying to jerk free. “No, I won’t. Not until you move this truck.”

“Look, I’m on break and if you don’t get out of my truck I’ll call the police.”

“Good, because all we need is more vehicles on this bridge, now let go of my arm.”

“Hey!” The semi-truck guy yelled.

the motor-car man had freed himself and quickly shut the door.

“Now, I’ll really call the cops,” he said

The motor-car man smiled and held up the semi-truck drivers cell phone and wiggled it between his thumb and forefinger in the window.

“Alright then,” he said as he walked toward the motor-car.

“Hey,” the motor-car man said as he leaped out the the semi-truck. “Hey stay away from my motor-car you dolt.”

The semi-truck guy picked up his pace

“Hey!” he yelled and started to run

The semi-truck guy ran into the motor car and locked the door.

“Get out my my motor car,” He yelled at the driver’s window.”Oh, you imbecile,” he said and banged on the window, “get out this instant.”

The motor-car started while the semi-truck guy shook his head with his hand cupped at his ear. “Sorry can’t hear you,” came a muffled reply.

“Hey!” the motor-car man said while banging on the window. “Hey! I’m now seven minutes late and you better...Hey!”

The semi-truck guy had put the car in reverse and pulled out of the motor-car man’s reach and was speeding backward down the bridge.

“Hey... I’ll show him.” The motor-car man ran back to the semi-truck and started the engine and pulled backward. He stopped the semi-truck at a point that would allow him enough space to pull his motor-car through. Then he got out and started to run across the bridge. Down the way he could see the semi-truck driver had done the same and was running toward him.

“Arghhhhhh!” the semi-truck guy yelled as he ran past the motor-car man

“Ahhhhhhh!” the motor-car man yelled as he ran past the semi-truck man. He kept running and got to his car. There were no keys. “Ah! that scoundrel, if he were here I’d poke his eyes out.” He pulled out of his car and began to run back over the bridge again. He didn’t make it far before he turned back around. The semi-truck was driving straight for him.

The semi-truck driver blared his horn a few times “Get out of the way moron! Haha!”

The motor-car man got out of the way in time enough to hear the semi-truck guy drive past and throw his keys at the motor-car, which made a crack. His motor-car keys bounced off the windshield and landed on the side of the road. “Of all the ...” he said, and finished the rest of it under his breath.

He picked up his car keys and got in his car. “Great! Late to work AND a broken windshield. What is this world coming to?” He also noticed that his morning tea had been dumped all over the passenger seat. “Oh, and that... Ah!” He shook his head as he started on the bridge. He was nearly half way when a small van pulled onto the bridge. The motor-car stopped more than three quarters of the way over the bridge in front of the small van. The motor-car man put his head down on his drivers wheel and put the palm of his hand on the horn.

“Hey there. Do you mind? I’ve got a wife in labor,” a man in the small van said.

The horn didn’t stop and the motor-car man didn’t raise his head.