a partial response to lance larsen apologizing he couldn't make it to my show because he was out of the country with students on a theatre study abroad

dear lance,


thanks for sending your words to my show, or i mean words or willingness. i like that we can send words before us or on our behalf, and often, i find that the words are the next best thing to nearly everything, you know. it’s like there are so many things that can fail in life, there are so many things that can stop early or arrive late or not fulfill or lack, and then there are words: “sorry about your dog, man.” “i know there’s not much i can do, but i want to say that despite the cancer, i’m here for you.” “i love you. i don’t know what else to say [or do].” i find that words are often not just the first thing i reach for, but the last thing i grasp, the last thing i offer, like there no human thing i can do, but as long as i breathe, well as long as i am alive, i can make my breath a wish for you, i can make my breathing at least beautiful on your behalf. i guess we could say that poetry is a sort of soft CPR. 

zach t power