part of my response to sarah milne asking me if there is a philosophy discussion group in provo

dear sarah,

... [logistacal things]

i am also in love with your art. i suppose my background researching a person comes from my editor days, when i was queried by hundreds of writers pitching their books and i just developed a habit of looking up people online when i didn’t know them but didn’t let not knowing me stop them from emailing me. i suppose our websites are a sort of ethereal clothing for our spirits or whatever metaphysical presence we have beyong the body. i believe this is why i like words. there’s that famous new yorker cartoon of the dog sitting at a computer saying to his dog friend “on the internet, you’re not a dog” (or something like that), and i really think that the internet allows us to shed ourselves in a rather odd way (odd is my lazy way of referencing, i don’t know, the transcendentalists. i really think emerson would be tickled by the idea, especially after hearing him confess that he wishes he were a transparent eyeball. boy would he get a kick our of imgur and reddit, or just say the internet entirely). but somehow i’ve become long-winded in a way and at an hour that i had not expected, and i suppose this is my way of complimenting your art: discursive inspiration. there, that’s it: you’re art is inspiring, and it does exactly what art should do: make me say “how beautiful” and then invoke and provoke my own beauti…

zach t power