diary entry

Book of Mormon

Often a name has much to do with authority. 

The sign of the dove could be a sign as in sign language. Because we know that the Holy Ghost is a personage resembling man, we know that he cannot change his form into the form of a dove. I believe that the Holy Ghost had a specific sign or token that he shared with Jesus Christ, as a witness to John the Baptist that he was the Son of God. Joseph Smith said that this sign was “instituted before the creation of the world” (Bible Dictionary).

American Literature

I want to study American Literary Romanticism. I think there is a beautiful spectrum within this category.

Gothic is still invested in nature and the self, but the darker aspects of it, the darkness of the soul and the darkness within nature. 

I have been learning quite a lot. I wish that I had more time to do some complimentary auxiliary study, but alas, aw, forsooth, what misfortune and horseradish.