diary entry

American Literature

I keep coming upon these word pairs that are quite interesting. Self-culture is one. I determine my own culture. Dialogue pedagogy is another, and along those lines I started to substitute other words in place of dialogue - running pedagogy, painting pedagogy, laughing pedagogy. What if we used running as a method of teaching literary ideas? I would be interested to see this. Motion pedagogy. He gets out into the real world and moves to understand principles of relationships between positive and negative space, both material and immaterial space, both material and immaterial matter, both physical and metaphysical. Motion pedagogy. I would like to try it, but I don’t even know how to get into it...

No, I’ve done this before, just outside of American Literature in the hallway. I stood at the wall and I traced certain ideas on the wall. There is a certain amount of motion pedagogy in all we do. In writing I am moving my hand to create symbols. We are constantly moving. There must be something more to this idea of Motion Pedagogy

I think a better word to describe the relationship between men and women is coefficients. I think equal is a word that is misleading, because if two things are equal they are the came. One is equal to one, and if man were equal to woman then we would not have two different kinds of the same thing, but rather we would have two of the same thing - a neuter. If we constantly try to equalize men and women we will find that we will either have all men, or all women, or some weird thing in between. There will be some Bergeron gender, rather than the beautiful, unique differences that exist between the sexes. 

British Literature

We must make sure to weave the theoretical with real foundations. It is through context that we establish the text with foundational qualities.

John Wyclife - trained lollards, who were lay preachers. This is evidence of people wanting something to change. 

The philology of Lorenzo Valla was a method to free man from the oppression of the Catholic Church. This was the work of God. 

What happens when someone uses your religion, something that is sacred to you, as a profane business or as a joke. 

Protestant tenets:

sola fide (only by faith)

sola scriptura (only through the scriptures)

William Tyndale “If God spare my life, ere many years I will cause a boy that driveth the plow to know more of the scriptures than thou dost.”

Without humanism, no reformation. The humanist training prepared people to apply that learning to the scriptures. “People were wonderfully fitted for the grasping of the word of God.” (Martin Luther) Your english study will enhance your scripture study.

When the words require the page, either the use of the space and negative space of a page, then we develop a textual tradition. An example of this is the poem “Easter Wings” which takes the shape of wings on the page. 

Poetry can be a mode of repentance, a praiseful reflexive process. Devotional poetry is an expression as well as a mode of repentance. Poetry is soul work, and so is repentance. Nephi practiced the writing of poetry in his Psalm in 2nd Nephi 4.