diary entry

American Literature

Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman

They were innovators of poetry. I looked up the word pontificate and I found that is was a little too structured for the poetry that I have in mind of making, but I did find that the base was quite fitting, that is pontifex. I think that I can make the word a noun, the pontifexor. I wish to create and practice the form of poetry called a pontifex, and thus become a pontifexor. 

Anaphora. Spencer Cope used that in his talk last night when he said, “A drug is a drug is a drug is a drug.” 

And a catalog is pretty self-defining. It’s a list of things, people or attributes.

The idea of democracy is that she sends out her best ambassadors and the leaders are chosen, but the spirit of democracy is that all people are equally representative and talented and equally of worth. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints emerged out of a Romantic environment. 

It’s interesting that America divorces itself from all the histories of Europe etc. and claim originality, and that there is no history in the soil like there is in Europe. Can Britain or France leave behind the years of the blood and dust in the soil they live on, can they leave behind the history in the soil’s DNA? I don’t think they can. But America says “we are so new that we don’t have any history in our soil’s DNA, but the interesting thing is that American Romanticism does come from the soil’s DNA, it comes through the American Indians. Think how they have relied on nature, and almost worshiped it. And that DNA from the American Indians has influenced the Romantic movement with the nature that it so heavily relies on. 

American Literary Romanticism:

  1. Early Romanticist
  2. Transcendentalists
  3. Gothic
  4. Slave Narratives
  5. Poetic Innovation