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American Literature


Cultural Amnesia - an interesting idea that certain parts of culture are neglected to the point that they are forgotten. I wonder if this happens to people as well. 


began at a grassroots level in the 1960s 

seeks equality

seeks recovery from cultural amnesia

seeks a “usable past”

seeks to reshape American culture

decolonization of the land - 

decolonization of the mind - 


British Literary History

Dig for the withered herb through heaps of snow.


Emily’s fingers had never been so numb. They were losing feeling when she ran into the forest. But the interesting thing about running into the forest is that you can’t really ever be sure when you have made contact with the forest. Emily made contact with the heaps of snow. She dug on her hands and knees, looking for some withered herb, an herb that could be boiled and heal her dying husband. Of course this a love drama. What else would it be? She was looking for the white flowered herb with small brown twigs, the one that looks like little puffs on the end of a stick. She was desperate, but how could I tell you that? The lines between her eyes were drawing pictures of age and her beauty was being consumed by the anxious fire in her heart. Don’t stop writing, you can break through this. You really should be reading your assignments you know. I just want to prove something, anything. I want to show my God that I love him. Why didn’t you take care of your husband before this point. What, you were more concerned about your stupid needlework. I’m sorry. It’s too late to be sorry. He’s at home in the yellow spilling cabin and you’re out here in the fading sunlight digging in the snow. There’s nothing you can do now. All that you could have done has already past. There is not point to be digging in the snow. Emily barked at her shadow. You’re a liar. You liar. She kept digging, blinded by fear and tears she was raking her fingernails in the dirt now. Maybe there were no herbs, maybe she needed roots. What are roots, they are heritage, they are the deeper more solid things. Don’t look up. Don’t think about yourself. Why do you write about conflicted people. What should I write about except that? I think that there is great beauty in writing about overcoming obstacles. Although who likes obstacles anyway. You have to give people things to interact with, even on a psychological and spiritual level. I think that there might be potential in just writing, but how is this helping, it is not, it is not, it is not, but you’re finally interacting with something. Why are you doing this, go back to reading. I think that I will take a full day to type and type and type and not stop until I need to eat. I think that if I did it I would change my attitude toward writing drastically. How long could I do it? How long have I been doing it. I think i’ll go back to reading now.