diary entry

Here is my journal entry for Book of Mormon:


Today we talked about Korihor and how he was anti-christ. He was attempting to stand in the place of Christ. 

But really what I was interested in was the discussion on the compatibility of evolution and the creation. I still don’t understand how this is the case. One thing that I was concerned about was a comment offered by a student in the back. He said that God created the animals with evolution; basically, that God used the process of evolution for everything except man. But as I understand it there was no death before the fall. And still even if this wasn’t the case, I don’t understand how there was no death before the fall. Didn’t Adam and Eve eat fruits and vegitables? Is it not the death of a carrot once the carrot is plucked and consumed? This is my question: does “no death before the fall” include plant life? If it doesn’t then what is death, because we speak of a tree as something that dies. Do leaves die? Don’t they fall off? Is that considered death? Or perhaps is that just losing some “hair,” per se. Did Adam lose hair? Did he ever have skin cells die? Is that death, when a skin cell dies? I guess I understood what death was, but now I am not so sure. Before my definition of death was a separation. The spirit leaves the body, man leaves God’s presence, this is death; when things are separated they die. But what is being separated when a leaf falls to the ground? When a tree dies, what is leaving it? Life? A spirit? And what’s more is this: if I understand death better, then I understand life better. And I want to understand life better. 


a poem based on this writing


abortion is at large still

a question many are attempting

to understand. where does life 

begin and where does it end

because death is close behind

the leaf falls from the tree

skin falls from my arm in sloughing groups

that skin cell that died, was it death

a ghost falling to the floor

white like snow

the carrot and cantelope

are still on the counter


already fallen from the womb

and yet

they are not alive or dead

what is the seed?

and when does it live?


(a terrible poem, really)