diary entry

Kylie wrote the following on my computer after family night:


You are a good leader in our family.

You show me love everyday.

You are not critical or rude to me.

I feel very loved by you.

You are a good dad.

You play with Sam. lots and lots.

You talk with Sam lots and lots.

You talk to me and encourage me.

You care about important things like family night and goal setting. 

You are a worthy priesthood holder.

I love you more than my life itself. 

I would give my life for you.

It hurts me to see you doubt and demean yourself.

It hurts me like it hurts you when I doubt my beauty. Please know that I always love you. I support you. I will do anything for you. You have filled my life with love, enlightenment and joy. 

thank you. my love.

you will always be mine, and I will always be yours. 


your Kylie