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Sister Wixom - BYU Devotional


You need to go to the temple this weekend. 

That’s what I love. I just felt it. It is the Spirit of God. It fills my heart with emotion and my mind with confidence and assurance of reality. At times that reality begins to slip away, but when I feel any iota of the spirit of God I am assured that I myself am real. That is what I am seeking, but I recognize that work will be work. I don’t think it necessary that I become a seminary teacher. I want to be intellectual. I have an aptitude for learning. I want to write and teach. I’ve always wanted to do it, but I have always avoided it. I don’t know why I am so prone to sabotage myself, but I have done it alot within the past few years. I’m not going to do it any longer. I am going to become a writer and teach at a college. There is no looking back now. All other options have dropped out of the radar for me. I am an artist. I love art. I am a writer. I love ideas. I may end up developing other artistic talents, but the main one that I want to focus on and use for the Lord’s good is writing. It’s how I can provide for my family. And I know that I can feel the gospel as I provide for my family. It will challenge me, stimulate me and help me come to know Christ if I use prayer as I do it. I will do it. I don’t feel it right now. I am scared to do it, uncertain and timid, but I know that it is in the bearing of testimony that it is felt, and it is in the living of life that it is felt and developed. Just like I married Kylie, I will take this career path. I am marrying myself to this. It is my duty. It is my path. Now go and do it. Now do it well. Now do it with the Lord’s help.


Ask Tuttle the purpose of what he does.rect

Ask Tuttle how he rectifies his religion with craft.


How can you forget the talk that you gave in church. What more do you need? Isn’t that an aproval enough from God. Isn’t that an implicated direction. Let me remind you what happened. You worked hard and long on how to approach the topic you were given. You were asked to