diary entry

    I went to work today. I like working now. I really should write about the Family Home Evening we had. We had a lesson with Scott Strong. He has spent much of his time in the scriptures. I love his teaching method. He refuses to teach theories and strictly teaches the word of God as in the scriptures and revealed and confirmed to him by the Holy Ghost. He is a man without guile. He taught us about the Second Coming.

I must say that during and at the conclusion of his teachings I was moved by the Holy Ghost to remorse. I felt a need to kneel before my Father in prayer and plead for forgiveness. I have been so foolish and held back by the temptations of the world. I thank the Lord that I married such a wonderful woman who has lead me to connect with such good and knowledgeable people; people who take the work of the Lord seriously. I pray that I may become and do the same. 

    I feel as though I have been caught up in the world and lead astray. I want to focus on the gospel and obey the prophets with exact obedience. I say that I love the Lord, and I want that to be more full in my heart. I want it to blossom and bloom.

    I spent time yesterday outlining a daily plan. I went running for 20 minutes this morning and now I am writing in my journal as part of my daily goals. You can tell that whenever I write in my journal I’ve got life more organized and focused on the right things. I am tracking my daily progress to see what things will correlate. I want to be a missionary now. I don’t want to wait. I love the gospel. I love Jesus Christ and his example. I love the Father, and how good he is to send his Son. I will do whatever he asks me. No matter what the Lord asks I will do it, and that includes keeping my body healthy and fit. That includes being faithful with my acts and even my thoughts. That includes writing in my journal and treating my spouse with the utmost respect that I can muster. I will follow God’s plan for me.