diary entry

Book of Mormon Journal Entry 10:


D&C 88:26 Write about the earth.


Today I took an interest in one scripture that Brother Hunter directed us to. It was in Doctrine and Covenants 88:26, where the it personified the earth. Often we refer to the earth as a person, or as mother nature, and I find it interesting that there is truth to this. Not only was the earth born, but it was also baptized and will be baptized again, but the next time by the Holy Ghost. Isn’t there something to that? In the verse prior to this one is says that the earth abideth the law. I wonder if we ever blame our circumstances or sins on the earth. Can we do that? I don’t think that we can justifiably blame the earth for anything. If it keeps the commandments and “abideth the law of the celestial kingdom,” then we have no justifiable reason to blame something so obedient to God. We sometimes look at the earth and blame it for being so malicious: earthquakes, tornados, tsunamis, etc. But the earth is obeying the Lord in all things. I think this is why the earth, since it is personified, and nature in general, I think this is why these are such good examples to follow. We can follow the example of the earth. Many talk about the indispensible benefits of spending time in nature. Would this have anything to do with the fact (I use the word fact intentionally, based on the logic of the two scriptures just mentioned) would this spending time with nature have anything to do with the fact that it abides a celestial law. I think that of all the companions one could select, next to the companionship of the Holy Ghost, the earth would be an important friend to select and spend time with. Even though the earth is still abstract, I do think that there is the benefit of its physicality. I can’t think of anything else so accessible and so celestial as the earth. I think this is why the earth is an oft used metaphor, in many of it’s aspects, to teach the gospel. I think this is why Christ would go up on the mount by himself, or why he went into the wilderness to fast for forty days, or why Nephi would go up into the purity of nature in the mountains, or Abraham, or Moses, or any of the prophets. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to say that many of God’s sons and friends were often friends of the earth as well, or at least they would spend times among the beauties of nature: the silence, the colors, the refreshing beauties of nature; there we are close to God.