diary entry

When I opened the front door here was snow on the ground. I wiped the snow off the car with my handkerchief. As we walked into the chapel we saw a blue and pink fluorescent jacket lying in the snow. When the intermediate hymn began, a beautiful song, I looked right to my son and saw a turquoise ponytail holder on his head. The image and fluttering young women notes gave me reason to think that Sam was a homemade angel, all thanks to the young distracted girl in the pew behind us sharing her hair tie with Sam's bald head. 

I said goodbye to an old woman leaving from church as I walked into the chapel. She said hello and I thought she knows something about life that I haven't learned yet. 

I saw a friend and thought I would play a joke on him. I bumped into him and his wife, pretending I hadn't seem them and kept walking down the hall, but down the hall was his wife. So, who was the first lady?

Kylie and Lydie read Macie's blog and then cried. Then they watched a cat eulogy on YouTube and laughed.

The Williams came over to borrow a teddy bear cake pan, but they decided to make cupcakes instead.