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Book of Mormon Journal:


I was so curious about what was said about virtue leaving the Lord when the women touched him in the crowd, and how that is comparable to the same virtue that leaves us, as priesthood holders, when we give blessings. But as I became interested in this I had a question: What is the virtue. Now, I believe Brother Hunter mentioned that it was a “life-force,” but what does that mean to the rest of the scriptures, and what does that mean to the rest of us? I think the definition is vague, yet I don’t think that it is completely off either. It must be the light of Christ, which is also refered to as a life-force. Doctrine and Covenants section 88 refers to the light of Christ, and in verse 13 it says that this light is that which “giveth life to all things.” Therefore I see this virtue as the light of Christ which “is in all things, which giveth light to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed (etc.)”

So, if we’ve identified this “virtue” as being the light of Christ, then what does that mean? Well, what are the effects of this “virtue” or light of Christ upon people? It healed the woman. It fills people with faith after they are given a blessing. 

I wonder, also, how we get the light of Christ. I know that when we listen to the light of Christ it increases. So when we keep the commandments, it seems, that there is an increase somehow of this life-force, this virtue, this light of Christ into out very being that enlightens us, uplifts us, fills us with faith, hope and charity. What’s more is that this is a real things. I don’t want to say that it is a physical thing, because I do think that it is more spiritual than physcial, although I will say that it is a material thing. There is an actual material, some actual matter that is moving. It’s not magic; it’s real stuff function in a real way. I can’t wait for the afterlife, where we will be able to see and understand the material properties of spiritual matter. I am sure we will begin to develop our understanding of this light of Christ and other things. In the meantime, let the light of Christ and He from whom it eminates lead us to that heaven where we can explore such paths of knowledge. 


Memoir notes


Telling our stories 


131. If I can write about some experience in my life and reflect on it in such a way that it touches an experience inyour life, then we have made a connection


132. to be successful, a memoir must demonstrate some evolving awareness, some reckoning with oneself, some understanding of how one's unconscious is at work.


137. Memory, through imagination, can impose a value beyond that of the actual experience.


137. The language of poetry, art, theater, and music exist because the ultimate core of meaning may be circumscribed but not directly described.  (?)