diary entry

American Literature


High Modernism mirrored the fragmentation of the world in their literature.

Harlem Renaissance - civil rights by copyright. I can write a poem and it can be my ambassador to teach people that I am human too.

Du Bois was an Expatriate in American from Africa. The High Modernist was an American Expatriate in Europe. 

British Literature

I was reading Francis Bacon and I was interested that he talked about experiencing things face to face and not in a separated manner. I thought that this was important to our day with the advent of technology that so separates and even distracts us from what is important and real. Although, in contention with my own thoughts I wondered if there wasn’t value to the immaterial. For are we not two parts immaterial to one part material. So should we not spend only one third of our time in the material things. One part I think we should devote to the mental, another part to the spiritual and the third part to the physical. I am not wholly a material being, and I would be foolish to spend so much time with the material things. I think that my mentality and spirituality would suffer. Yet the transcendentalists seem to know how to combine all three in a very real summary experience with nature. They address the spiritual, physical beauties and even the mental euphoria of being alone.