diary entry

Book of Mormon

Audience. The profundity of Isaiah’s writings is that he is able to speak to multiple audiences across even time. Yet there is an amount of lost audience in this as well. “The Little Prince” was able to do this as well, but with the ability to span intellectual gaps. 

“Most of those I know who murmur do not know the doctrines of the kingdom.” (Neal A Maxwell). Perhaps this applies to more than just the church. Perhaps this is so with some government policies. I say some because I think there exist now policies that cannot be understood, because they are not logical at all. I must say that I do not understand the policy that if I buy a meal without a drink it will cost me more than if I bought the meal with the drink.

British Literature

I am reading devotional poetry. It seems to employ a romantic relationship between man and God. It seems to mix the romantic elements of the medieval arthurian legends with the medieval lyrics. 

Blackhead Banana

Oh, yellow love with heads of black spots,

how your old, sweet smell and flavor rots

all the stronger I savor. The spots of age 

upon your hands like oil in an open cage

upon your nose. As time has past the yellow

darkens, your heart grows soft and mellow.

As said, distance makes the heart grow fonder

Matrimony years prior from now it’s no wonder

that I love the wrinkled skin and moulded hair

I delight that your true colors you do share.

The gnats have left you and I empty nesters

and soon the compost bin will empty out

but know, my love, our love I never did doubt.


American Literature

Is it possible that the early deaths of the transcendentalists is a symbol of the movement. Is there a certain idea of the “good die young” hidden in the ideologies of the transcendental movement? 

At any conclusion I believe that the transcendental movement has some unfinished work. I don’t think that it is over, or finished. I think there is still some work to be done, knowledge to find and impart on. I think there needs to be some neotranscendentalists. Surely the early death of Thoreau and Fuller robs us of the future potential ideas that would have come from these heroes.