diary entry

First day of classes at BYU. I got a lot done, and I am ready to take on this challenge. I want to be good and follow the will of the Lord. I can feel the difference when I make the Lord a priority in my life, and what else would I do? I have covenanted to give the Lord all my life. I learned about moving ideas. Literature is the vehicle of ideas. I am excited to work with ideas. I am finding that our culture is a set of symbols that carry ideas, and the symbols we use emphasize the ideas we value. I am both concerned and excited at some of the ideas that are circulating. I want to find more of the positive ideals. And maybe that is what a symbol and an idea are together - an ideal. There is much work to be done, and I am relieved that my mind can be fostered at BYU.

Can I say to what extent the Lord has been merciful to me? He provided a scholarship so I wouldn’t have to go into debt. He provided a job for me on campus so I wouldn’t have to waste time, and so I could more fully focus on my studies. 

The Lord is very merciful and I hope that I am valiant and true to the commandments that he gives me. 

I want to serve him my whole life through.