diary entry

Book of Mormon Journal:


On the topic of agency it seems to me that there are different kinds of agency. I’m not speaking about the symantic difference between the “moral agency” and “free agency,” but rather I am speaking of physical and spiritual agency. Our physical agency comes in tandem with our physical body. When I choose something to eat and cook it and then eat it that is within the realm of my physical agency. With a physical body I am able to make physical choices in the material world. I would not be able to interact with the physical world if I did not have a physical body, and when I die my agency in regards to physical things has been cut off. Again this is why the saints when they die look upon their death as a bondage (I know that I mentioned this the other week, but the afterlife is a current topic of interest to me). On the flip side of this we have spiritual agency with our spiritual body. I’m still not sure what kind of material spirits interact with. I know that it is finer than matter, but still it could be energy, smaller pieces of matter, or even something else. But I do know that I have the ability to make spiritual choices. I can chose to be happy, regardless of physical matter. Choosing to be happy has nothing to do with physical matter. The same goes for choosing to be charitable, honest, grateful, hopeful, obedient, and many more Christ-like virtues and attributes. The prohpets refer to this as being spiritually minded. It says this in 2 Nephi 9:39 “to be spiritually minded is life eternal.” Although that has more to do with focus than it does with agency. We are required to make both physical and spiritual choices, but the prophets teach us that we must keep our focus on the spiritual matters. I don’t seem to understand why this is. I know it is better, but I’m not certain why.


It seems that if physical matter and spiritual matter went head to head, then physical matter would win, because spiritual matter is just a wisp and doesn’t stand a chance against the palpability of physical matter. Why then do the prophets emphasize spiritual matters as being more important, if the physical matters carry more weight? Then again I don’t think that physical matter could go head to head against spiritual matter, unless it had some spirit behind it. What would move the physical matter, if spiritual matter didn’t move it? Now we can see the interplay between the two. Spiritual matter “quickens” the physical matter. It’s a sort of positive or negative energy. It seems to me that Satan is just a big ball of negative energy. I can’t see Satan, and I can’t see spiritual matter either, so could they be one in the same?