diary entry

    Well, Today was good. I went to work and then we had dinner with the Judd's and Gowen's. I like them. I could tell Sam Judd was exhausted from finals. Oh, and I helped Alex Stoddard move today. I didn't have to work much today so I stayed at Alex's house and helped him until he was practically finished. I enjoyed laughing and working with other saints of the church. Tonight we had tacos. I like tacos. 

    Kylie is amazing me. She is on fire. I am doing all that I can to not extinguish what is burning inside her. She is learning so much and I am glad that she is sharing it with me. I want to follow her example in these things. 

    I want to do a lot of things, but I don't believe in myself enough to do them. I want to be really good at writing. So, why am I not writing? I don't know. 

    Anyway, I can see the Lord's hand in my life each day and I love that he is so good and kind and warm to me each day. I love this season and I am grateful for what the father has given me. Give me also the courage to share it.