diary entry

    Today was alright. II didn't wake up on time. I wish I had. I had a thought about that white story. If everything  was white then everyone  would basically  be blind. The only thing people  could see  is other people, or things that they touched. It takes the idea of I don't believe it unless I can see it a little further, causing people to say: I don't believe it unless I can touch it. I imagined someone saying that the sky was blue to another person. "The sky isn't blue, and what's the sky anyway? You can't touch it, so how do you know what color it is?" he would ask. 

    "I saw it in a dream."

    "No one dreams in color. That's weird. You'll never prove it though."

    (Change of topic) I am learning a lot of physics right now. I really enjoy the mental strain and mental gymnastics I have to do to understand it. There's a lot of tucking and tumbling about to get the idea in my head. It's really backwards. I was thinking about it and light is stopped by matter and sound is stopped by a vacuum, but is there a vacuum that stops gravity. Can I block the force of gravity with anything? It's just a thought. Also my teacher said something hugely insightful today. My mind felt like it had taken a cool drink of water, it opened like a stale tupperware and fresh air was let in. There is so much dull information that is passed around like a bad smell at these colleges, but this was a breath of fresh air. He said that matter is something that resists motion. When I thought about this I realized that matter and forces are opposing forces, just like good and evil are opposing. The opposite of matter is force, and there are a lot of different forces out there. Anyway I really liked that. I'll have to add it to my study journal somewhere.