diary entry

There are 15 weeks in the 2014 Winter Semester, if you don’t include finals week. Given the $1500 I would get from the ORCA Grant, it would allow me to work 10 hours a week at about $10 an hour, which is close to the same pay that I recieve at my current job. This would accumulate to 150 hours of work over the semester. These are the logistics and of little importance to me compared to the benefits of researching within a topic I enjoy, and providing a service to the community of BYU.  

When I heard Pat Madden describe the purspose of Quotidiana, I was immediately enamored. I wanted it to become what he hope it would become. Someone described it to me as the beginnings of an “Essay Foundation,” and I loved the idea, mostly because I had recently come to know and subscribe to the Poetry Foundation. At any rate, what I hope to use the ORCA grant for is to help Quotidiana come closer to the realization of that goal, to somehow help it become the Essay Foundation that it wants to be. 

I don’t know if that will include adding more public domain essays to the organization, or if it means asking authors or journals to link their essays to the cite, or if it means becoming a journal itself. I have little authority in taking the foundation in a direction that its director does not want it to go. I don’t want to have to cause Dr. Madden to quit his job and take on this project full time. I don’t want to move it in a direction that will exhaust Dr. Madden, but I do want to help it crawl closer to it’s full maturation. I’ve noticed that the site hasn’t received much if any attention for the past three years at least. This is a shame really. Even though the resources are there and will always be useful, it is lacking the luster of upkeep and currentness. 

In the least, I was sad to see that Henry David Thoreau and J.M. Barrie, among others I am sure, were not even represented on the cite. I am sure that there are many more people who belong on the cite, but haven’t made their way there because of necessary funds or time. 

Perhaps another option is to make a space for the foundation to have a donation, or maybe there will be a section for some similar model to wikipedia. Perhaps we could find other websites and ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing their resources and knowledge and information to induct into the foundation. Perhaps it could be a gathering place for essays. Perhaps I could spend my time working something out with a more well known series, like the best american essays or some journal. 

I think that I’ve gone a little too far. If anything there are plenty of journals that serve this purpose. There are plenty of places on the web that don’t want to be sucked up into something else. Perhaps we can just share the resourse with others, make a page for donations and then add more essays to the site. 

I do want to at least see Henry David Thoreau on the site. 


H. D. Thoreau

J. M. Barrie

G. K. Chesterton

  1. W. Emerson
  1. S. Lewis
  1. A. Milne

Anton Chekhov

Virginia Woolf

Jorge Luis Borges

Franz Kafka



and perhaps others (I’m open to suggestions) 

but I haven’t done preliminary research to verify which of these are openly in the public domain.