diary entry

I’m just going to record some thoughts as I read Moby Dick.

I think that Ahab is seeking vengence on the devil, which I think is an interesting idea. Because I think the point of the gospel is to love God, and not to hate the devil. I think there are people out there who hate the devil. And altough they are against the devil, they hate him, they want to oppose him, I think such attitude will do them very little good. I remember a time in my life when I felt this way. I wanted to hate the Devil for all the evil he has done to me, for all the evil he has caused to everyone. I wanted to ruin him, I wanted to throw it all back in his face. I wanted him to suffer, to leave and to die. But you can see where that attitude would lead someone. You can see the effect that it would have on someone. It is the attitude and actions of love toward God that will save us, not the attitudes of hate toward the devil. 

“All truth with malice in it.” To be frank there is truth like this. There is harsh and real truth that is malicious. It is true that the devil seeks to destroy you. That is a malicious truth. It is true that there is suffering in this world. That is a malicious truth. Although I wouldn’t say that the truth is being malicious, but the fact that it means malicious things will happen make it so.