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American Literature

Modernity - a social political and economic condition or culture with each world war as the bookends of the period. 

Modernity - begin the world anew. 

This was prompted by the World Wars and Industrialization and science etc.

There is a change in the process of production. No longer is it in the hands of the artist, but rather it has moved to the multiple hands of the assembly line. 

People have not died on a scale like this. The first intercontinental wars.

American Literary Modernism vs. Modernity

American Literary Modernism: the sum total of America’s Literary output in in relation to modernity. It wasn’t a movement, it was just everything written in response to this time in history.

American Literary Modernism:

    High Modernism

    Harlem Renaissance

High Modernist writers were expatriate writers. They were not American Exceptionalists. 

The High Modernists were interested in Modernity’s radical departure from the past. “Let’s make our literature and art mirror the fragmentation in society.”

Some High Modernists were celebrating the fragmentation and others were mourning it. 

Ernest Hemingway


Imagism is a subset of High Modernism which is a subset of American Literary Modernism..

Imagism occurred from 1909-1918

Poetry Magazine started by Harriet Monroe