diary entry

I have learned a lot this summer. I have juggled decisions. At one point I was about to sell everything I had and move to Washington and become a farmer. I could have done it. That’s the amazing thing about life. You can do it. I almost quit school to become an electrician.

I quit Jolly Fish Press. That’s what started the ball rolling. It was a spiritual hazard working there. I found myself rationalizing everything that I knew was true. I was becoming something that I couldn’t trust in the mirror. 

I finally decided to just go to BYU and get my bachelor’s degree. I am still a little unsure about everything, but I’ll eventually settle on some decision. 

Sam is getting so big. He can walk. He is starting to explore other words than bird. 

Work is the same. I am learning as much Spanish as I can from Antonio. He is great to work with. Today I said that a cabinet smelled like a cat in Spanish. He laughed, and I was grateful I had a translator application on my phone to help me learn the language. 

I am looking forward to school.

I was outraged this morning at the completely apparent bias that the news has toward Christian views. One company said that it supports the traditional, biblical definition of the family. The response was that businesses should stay out of politics and that they will lose business. Certain cities said they would not allow stores to be built in the city. On the other hand another huge company’s CEO decided to donate millions of dollars to a gay rights group, and the result was a pat on the back and many compliments. I was downright angry at the unfair coverage, and the total bias. 

I really want to start doing things. I know that I can make a difference, but I don’t even know where to begin. I want to help things move in the right direction. I want to stand for Christ. I want to serve my God. 

I know what I need to do. I need to ask God. I know that he can direct me through this spinning world. He can direct my hands and feet.