diary entry

here are some notes from my reading of 


Post-Internet Poetry Comes of Age BY KENNETH GOLDSMITH




“Place’s gesture of simply reframing preëxisting language is the literary equivalent of Marcel Duchamp’s readymades; those same words mean one thing as a legal document and another as poetry.”


“the poet as d.j., weaving together samples of preëxisting language into something unique. Of course, this is nothing new. The cento—snagging lines from other poems to make your own—has been around for nearly two millennia.”


“of Google as an oracle” 


“MOMA recently opened a survey show called “The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World,” which posits that “A-temporality, or timelessness, manifests itself in painting as an ahistorical free-for-all, where contemporaneity as an indicator of new form is nowhere to be found, and all eras coexist.” Swap the word “painting” for “poetry” and you get a pretty good idea of the direction that these younger poets are headed in. For them, historical styles are the literary equivalent of Instagram filters, a grab bag of scrims with which they can create astonishingly new works—works that could only have been produced in the digital age.”


I find this last idea of a-temporality interesting, because when you take the words of someone in the past and include them with your current words, then the whole production transcends time.


I got distracted and watched some random video on the new yorker 




and it was interesting because it was so honest, and it was made on a smartphone. and I don’t think it would be that hard to make a video. I guess I can have some experience with Kenna (Blaylock) (with JFP) on making videos, the youtube series that Chris and Kenna want to do. (I feel some anxiety about doing this series, about Kenna doing the series. It’s not what I envisioned, but I’m going to let it go). I will enjoy video editing the series.


frieze article about how wikipedia skews history


of course I’m interested




the article claims that wikipedia is written primarily by males, 87%.


the article was unfulfilling, ending is the same conclusions that I have already accepted: wikipedia is a great annotated bibliography.


okay so I’ve spent a lot of time on finding a good time tracker. It’s between toggl and harvest. harvest integrates with asana, but toggle it more price friendly and friendly in general, but I think harvest is better designed. so, I’ll try them both out and see how it goes.


so you can use instagantt for future projects and task management there. 


I decided to go with toggl. I think there is something with too much integration. when something becomes too integrated, there is some overlap and the overlap becomes confusing. overlapping too much becomes clutter. there is a small overlap on this computer which serves as a hinge. papers on a desk are set one page high and one inch apart on all sides. the papers that are overlapping are overwhelming. stacking is different than overlap. 


So, I’m looking over graduate school stuff and here are some notes that I want to refer back to:


Fall 2015 take these classes:


451 or 452 (with Rick Duerden or Bill Hall)

600 Intro to Graduate Studies

628R Metropoetics (Rowan)

610 Composition Pedagogy (to help you teach classes) (maybe if you need to)

669R Poetry Workshop (Kim Johnson)


Winter 2016 take these classes:


626R Domesticity in Early America (Eyring) (maybe, if you need to)

617R Creative Writing Theory (Tuttle)

670R Writing Young Adult Literature (Crowe)


okay, so I can register March 23. so I’ll wait until then, but I do need to go in and talk with LouAnn, just to make sure it’s all squared away.


alright here’s what I need to do this week:



make 5 cyclinder vessels (a bell, a cup, etc.)

decide on an artist to present on


art history

rough draft of andy goldsworthy paper


american literature

arthur mervyn chapters 8-15 and then write a short poem about it.

start your paper on jonathan edwards’s poems


poetry workshop

poems updated and emailed by monday

read american hybrid intro

read uncommon prayer

read vivarium

read next monkey essay

start portfolio for end of semester


other stuff

turn in poems to writing group (do the @bear where you at? ones) (use this as your next poetry manuscript)


thank you notes

take car in to doug’s auto

apply to teach undergraduate writing

website design for chris


Edmund de Waal




so, I’ve been researching ceramicists for my ceramics class, and I decided to do my presentation on Edmund de Waal. When I first saw his work I was impressed by the iterative nature of his work. it is repetitive and clean and simple. There is something attractive with making the same thing again and again, especially in a society that asks us to constantly be new and to “make it new.” I like that he makes it again and again. But when I went to study him a little closer, I could tell that there was an undercurrent of spirituality in what he does. He places his iterations behind an translucent glass that makes them appear ghostly or spiritual or metaphysical. Some are placed in front of the glass. At any rate, he takes similar and simple forms and presents them in a stark but soft and gentle way. They are grouped in a way that makes it feel like a community. Most ceramicists often present their pieces as a solo or solitary piece. de Waal’s pieces make me realize how lonely these pieces are, how individualistic they are, how western they are, how portraited they are. I like that he creates a sense of gentle dynamism between his pieces. there is communication, there is presence and distance and inter-relational juxtapositions. The other thing that impressed me was that he places some of his pieces in chapels or churches or cathedrals. There is a sense of holiness about these pieces as well. I like the clean meditative invitation that these pieces give. They kind of point towards the holiness that can come out of the earth, or of the holiness that we can make from the earth. and yet they don’t feel fragile, nor do they feel overly stable, they seem to embody this space of balance of being both by their size and by their shape and form. and the shape and form makes me think of a candle, as if they were holding light or meant to hold light. and then he even has an exibit that suspends the pieces above you, again giving this feeling of ethereal-ness. at any rate, I really appreciate his work. 


there were some other ceramicists that I liked:


Richard DeVore

Eva Hild

Alexandra Engelfriet

Cheryl Ann Thomas

Adam Buick 

(lydia introduced me to him) 


(he’s the guy that makes the bells)


ugh, I’ve been working so much I didn’t eat. I need to stop working past my food limits. I am going to go home and eat now, if I make it home.