the mind only has as much traction as air. I seem to be only able to create smells in my mind that allow me to come back and sniff at the general impression of my thoughts but not the exact details . the textures, the lines, the movement. my thoughts are at most a palpable aroma.

and when I begin to write things down the idea has traction, friction, something that has weight, something I can return to and push off of. still further I can develop the idea visually and perhaps sonically, culminating the idea into something rather solid and self-explaining. 

it's this friction that interests me. how I can write down this very idea of friction and push off of it into greater insight. I seem to be able to do this in my mind, but when I leave one thought it seems to fade back into nothing, that my consciousness is something that can only circulate around one planet, maybe with a few moons sustained by it, a few satellite details, but then when I leave the idea of friction and begin to enter into the gravity of an idea, the ideas of friction are abandoned in the mind, but written down the idea of friction remains and I can push off of both ideas rather than just the singular idea. 

I want to be able to push of single ideas and abandon the superficial and small ideas, without having to . . .