little men are standing on my porch. in the backyard I've taken all the peaches and put them in a basket, which is on the kitchen counter. I'd like to meet you tomorrow. brother sphenson is dying; could you bring him a glass of water. I'm much too busy to meet someone that can't stand the smell of cider. when would it be appropriate to find the square root of 10. it isn't about love, it's about plants. yes, he does have an awkward gait, but that's no reason to ignore his eyebrows. teddy is a nice boy. we like to wander in the rain, like, seven times a week. everyday is a sunday. everybody is dead. nothing tastes like chicken anymore, not even chicken. the captain of this garden has demanded that we remove the cabbage before dawn. if I were a fox, I wouldn't be so concerned about war. if I had seven of those, I would eat half of them. would you like to have your wet sleepy-dirt back? I'm tired. he's been so irregular with his habit of getting the mail that I am worried about his ability to hear the doorbell. when would you like to go downtown and kill all of the ants. the dog ate every chicken in the backyard. let's go home and eat the watermelon. let's go home and treat each other like blinds. I'll let you have your earwax back as soon as you say sorry.