rock climbing

the experience of rock climbing is not a metaphor. The experience carries its own qualities it's own transcendence it's own sensation. 

Down to the chalk on your fingers rock climbing is a visceral experience that is gritty to say the least. Grit is something that a rock climber becomes familiar with.  

Grit os small loose particles and climbing is about becoming that loose particle. The climber is one that wants to experience a degrounding effect. They want to experience gravity from a new vantage point. They don't want to defy gravity as much as they are concerned with embracing it. They like to tell jokes with gravity and elbow gravity in the ribs. (I ought to change it from they to I )

when I rock climb, I want to experience a loosening from the earth. Not that I want to be completely de grounded but I want to feel loosened from the level plane.  

(You know I'll have to think about this one a little more. )