Editing C.V.

Me: I guess what it comes down to is that this company is invested in writings of all sorts, and of refining those writings and making those writings known and accompanying those writing with good design to make it appealing. All in all, we are about making a company that promotes language. We exist for the rejected writer. We exist for the loner author, the auteur. We exist for the overwhelmed office, the overburdened company. We exist as the one-time-use writer and the continually-needed writer. Experience: Inscape, Elsewhere, Jolly Fish Press, Sanpete Messenger, Roles: Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Designer, Publisher, 


Editing, Proofreading, Copyediting, Ghostwriting, Writing, Copywriting, Publishing, Document Design, Book Layout, Formatting, (put these in the order that they happen in the publishing process), submission reading (finding the best options), printing consultations, proofreading, copy editing, content editing, content writing, copy writing, query letters, character consultations, synopsis sweetening


Magazines, Books, Cook books, picture books, Pamplets, Flyers, Novels, Journals, Chapbooks, Emails, Letters, Queries, Manuscripts, Tweets, Posts, Blogs, Short Stories, Website Copy, Reveiws, Advanced Reading Copied (ARCs), Synopses, Jacket Copy, eBooks, Summaries, Templates, Bios, Resumes, Cover Letters, Publicity,


Blogs, Youtube Channels, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Tumblr, Newspapers


Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop


Writing samples (which kind? creative writing, copywriting, etc.)



Jolly Fish Press:

links to books you’ve helped edit

Pitch Green (proofreading)

dependent (editing)

fires of man (editing)

the cook book you did with kirk (look at files)

canyon park content writing and design

mojave green (proofreading)

joey parker movement (publicity writing)

samaritan’s pistol (content editing)

The Year of Lightening (content editing)

big in japan (proofreading)

Eleanor (proofreading)

fairy godmother (proofreading)

seven stones (forthcoming) (content editing and writing)

articles written for newspaper

(list of articles for sanpete messenger)

grab inscape magazines you’ve managed and edited and worked on

winter 2018 editor

fall 2018 editor

fall 2017 poetry editor

winter 2017 poetry editor

years worked at boost ability as content writer

website copy you’ve written and edited

john bennion’s website (design and some content)

eric burton’s website (design and some content)

kylie website (design and some content)

inscape (design and some content)

Packages that I offer:

Writing (?):

Also, I wonder if we should consider expanding our definition to be outside of author services and also include any kind of publishing services. I imagine we could help companies out. For example we would also include writers. So, if a company wants a technical manual, then we could have our writers write it up, then we can have our editors edit it, then our designers design it, and then we can have out publicists publicize it. We could be a full operation thing. But the only thing that we don’t do is publish the book. We don’t print or distribute the book. But if the author wanted to take the book to a publisher, they could. If the author just wants the edits, then they will be more savory for a publisher to grab up. It will give them a better chance of being acquired. 


This section is pretty straightforward, and it’s perhaps the easiest to formulate a plan around. 

The process will be that they will give us a manuscript. 

There are three main stages of editing:

Development Editing:

Now I wonder if they can give us a half-finished manuscript. I suppose they could. If this is the case then we will want to have a section called development, which can work more like a discussion or a sort of collaborative work. This will kind of be like ghost writing or some sort of collaborative effort, only the author will have full control and final say and their name on the finished project. So, I guess I need to add that as a possible section to the editing process.

This service would be ongoing.

Content Editing:

This will be easy enough, but I wonder how we will charge for this? By the page? Project? Etc. Obviously not all projects are the same. And how many rounds of content edits does this include? One, two, three?

Also, I am wondering what we mean by content editing: The editing of the larger content. We’re talking about the larger problems within the text. 

Copy Editing:

This one is easy enough. This will happen before the text is laid out. Perhaps the author doesn’t want to go over content edits, so then we will just focus on the sentence structure. 


Post layout editing. No content or major edits. Looking mainly at the layout issues and light copy editing.

The author will have the responsibility of implementing the proofreading if they have not purchased our Final Design project. If they have purchased the Final Design project, then they will be given a proof to approve the proofreader’s marks.Â