poetry workshop


poetry workshop


this is a private poetry workshop where you will learn all the basics of poetry: forms, image, self, lineation, stanza, line break, etc.

it’s a month long course, and you’ll be working with me one on one on your poems.

i have exercises and reading to help orient you in the craft of poetry.

my workshop hop style is to take you where you are at and go from there. it’s a teaching style that is very personal and intentional. i don’t preselect the exercises and readings, but i’ve been doing this long enough that after a few conversations you and i will know where you are at and what you need to do.

it’s part workshop part coaching. you can think of me or move me between (and i will move myself between) the roles of fellow writer and coach.

feel free to message me with questions.

multiple workshops can be purchased and the courses will build on each other. 

each week will begin with reading and exercises, and each week will end with reading and workshopping poems that are created based on the exercises and readings provided. 

the teaching style is one that takes you at what you are attempting to pursue. i don’t believe in teaching you to become a particular kind of poet, or to be trained in a specific kind of school of poetry. instead i believe in helping you find your own poetic voice and providing you with help in that direction. 

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